Event City - Wilmore, KY or Online

This year, we have the unique opportunity to host our Holy Spirit Encounter in Wilmore, KY at Asbury Theological Seminary, at a limited capacity.

We also look forward to hosting you online as well for our virtual option.

Event Venue - Asbury Theological Seminary, Your Home or Church

About Asbury Theological Seminary:

In 1923, Henry Clay Morrison began Asbury Theological Seminary with a class of three students and fashioned a seal for the Seminary which audaciously reads “The Whole Bible for the Whole World.” Nearly 100 years later, those three students number in the tens of thousands with a second full campus in Orlando, Florida. Asbury Seminary graduates flourish in every state, on every continent, in every time zone, reaching the world through evangelism, missions, church planting, preaching, teaching, and counseling. Today, the sun never sets on Asbury Seminary graduates. Asbury Theological Seminary was founded more than 80 years ago “to prepare and send forth a well-trained, sanctified, Spirit-filled, evangelistic ministry” in order to spread scriptural holiness around the world. Asbury Seminary continues to hold to this mission, providing holistic ministerial preparation as an interdenominational institution.

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